Every year, businesses grow and develop. It’s great and here on the Mornington peninsula, we love to see local businesses growing and finding new avenues to develop their skills and share with the rest of the folk down here. 

One thing that needs change when scaling your business like this is upsizing your workspace to allow for more employees! As exciting as this is, its a large job and we know all about it beings the best removalists in Mornington

We’ve put together a list of things to consider before moving into your brand new office space. 

Location, Location, Location! 

We’re a bit crazy about the peninsula, with so many great things to do and ways to conduct your business, there’s never a dull down here. And thankfully we have a huge range of areas to move your things and open a new space for you and the team! We’ve helped move people from city offices to the Mornington peninsula and vice versa, did you know that we are Australia wide Removalist’s too? 

Cost Issues

The cost will always be something that is in the back of the mind for any business owner, and we understand that! 

Consider finding a co-working space too like Coco Place, these guys offer a great space for your business to network and to thrive in, often these spaces are great for staff morale and have been shown to increase productivity by up to 50%. 

If a co-working space isn’t right for you, moving office can sometimes still be a smart business decision as a new office in a place further from the city can actually work out to be less expensive for you. As affordable Removalist’s in Mornington, we strive to deliver a great product at an even better price, in the hopes to help your next move even easier. 

Relocation Results

While moving carries risks, a move can be one of the best things you ever do for your business. Moving to a space that better accommodates for your team is a perfect way to rejig some life into the business. Working previously with companies like Total Essential Services Group , we have heard back from the staff that they really enjoy the new space and were happy to see all their delicate items such as computers and monitors made the move from one office to another with no damages at all. 

Making a big move like this can be challenging in the short term, but has great implications for the long term of your business, you’re growing in size, you’re finding your feet again with the new staff on board and you’re getting new neighbors – whether in a private office space or co-working!

Once the decision to move has been made, we won’t lie, there will be some serious organization to be put in place, and we recommend you put someone (if not yourself) in charge or making sure that you’re ready for the move – for your larger items – feel free to call us on +61 439 989 480 or fill out our quote request form online here

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