#1 Let’s declutter

Let’s start by getting rid of those things you don’t really need. Minimizing everything that you own even before starting your move is a great way to cut down on not only the packing process but also the Removalist costs, make sure to do this too before you get your quote! This will mean that when the specialists come to asses your move they will likely give you a lower rate than what you might think! Facebook marketplace is a great way to sell some items that could make you a little bit more cashback to put towards the move. 

#2 Time

Allowing yourself adequate time is the first piece of advice that we usually give, sometimes things are underestimated, and the same can be said for the move. Thankfully, we will allow for more than enough time in the move, and won’t overcharge you if things take a little longer, however allowing time before and after the move ensure that’ you will be as stress-free as possible and that you can settle into your new home as efficiently and smoothly as possible. 

#3: Everything you own in every box you can find! 

You’re going to need somewhere to put everything! Moving boxes are a hassle when you don’t have them and are awkward to store when you do! Not to mention, how often are you really going to be using them? If you know of a friend or family who has also recently moved, try your best to borrow some from them, if not, Master Movers Mornington can actually help you out with that, we offer delivery boxes for purchase and when you’re done with your move we will buy them back from you, just to make your move even easier! 


#4: Plan. Plan. Plan!

Plan with a purpose! Packing room to room can be a great way to split up the daunting task that is ahead of you. Breaking up your house into multiple little sections makes the task seem less scary and will often also help you declutter things too! Areas of great caution like kitchens and Dining room china areas may need a gentle hand, if you need assistance in your packing, we also offer prepacking services for your home or office removal

5: Protect Your loved items.

Bubble wrap, Bubble wrap, Bubble wrap! Let’s keep everything super protected, getting to your new abode and seeing your valuables broken is never anything anyone wants to see, we take great care in everything we do when transporting your valuables, however, sometimes there are rocky roads ahead. While being backed by Allianz insurance, we can promise that if we are responsible for damage to your property will be fixed on our end, if it is something that has been packed by someone else, we won’t be able to help! (Pssst. We also sell bubble wrap!)

#6: Organise and Delegate.

Ensure everyone on your end knows exactly what they’re responsibilities are! If your friends and family are helping on the day, make sure they know what to do! We’re great at this and that’s why we’re best Removalists on the peninsula, but we never say no to a few extra hands, and neither should you. 

Oh, and stay on the phone to your real estate agent, to make sure that you’re still okay to move in at the agreed-upon time and that settlement is not affected due to anything unforeseen circumstances.

For any further info on how to make your move the best move yet, fill out a contact form or chat with the team on 0439 989 480.

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