Ever considered sending something, short or long distances and wondered where the costs lie? With big-ticket items, shipping can often be excessively expensive! Well, rather than heading through the big name posting companies, sometimes it can be worth your while taking a look into the courier services and getting some ideas on costings there. Often, removalists on the peninsula are taking a deliver in one direction anyway and usually offer to pick your items up on the way and deliver them to the destination at a fraction of the price of big corporate postage companies. 

One of the long time issues for the removalist industry and the public as a whole, has been careless attitudes from operators from within the industry. Large sums of money are lost annually in damage and lost goods during transit between premises, and this is where Master Movers would eventually decide to define their business. Through an emphasis on quality and efficiency of service, Master Movers have made a clear niche for themselves simply by providing a degree of service that the customer deserves, where many others have failed to deliver.

Some more info on courier services and how they can make your items move easier than first anticipated: 

Moving a fridge from the Mornington Peninsula to the Gold cost

If I buy something online, can you deliver it to my house?

Yes! We offer fully comprehensive (and insurance) delivery on your online purchases, we will pick up almost anything and deliver it to you after our first initial chat.

Are there any hidden fees or costs?

Our fixed prices mean just that! Fixed prices. If we tell you a job will cost this, provided all of the information you have given is complete and correct, then that is what you will be charged. You will not be stung with additional fees or charges outside of your initial quotation.

How far ahead should I book in advance?

We understand that our customers do not always have the luxury of being able to provide significant notice periods. We love it when we receive at least a week’s notice, however, if you need work done quickly, please do not hesitate to contact us and enquire as to our availability!

As a company, we have grown to the point where we can now cater to all aspects of the removalist industry, providing all of your removal needs including storage, pre-packing, boxes, specialist capabilities such as grand pianos, balcony drops, antique furniture, and pool tables.

For more information, complete the quote request form online or give us a call on +61 439 989 480 for your free quote. 

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