After organising all the boxes, folding the towels and packing up all the flat pack that you swore you’d never put back together again, you’re ready for your move into your new home with the help of removalists on the peninsula. 

As we do this for a living and see more new people enter new homes, we thought we would compile a list of things to look out for when moving into your new home and help make that next move all the bit easier for you…after all, We are the Masters Of the Move. 

  1. Even before we get into the new home, we want to make sure everything is connected up properly. Now, this means even before the move, getting in contact with your previous providers for amenities such as Gas, Water, and Electricity (Not to mention the Internet!). These can sometimes take a couple of days of ‘admin’ work on the provider’s behalf, and there’s nothing worse than eating your cold dinner without and lights too! So make sure that you get in contact with them with a couple of weeks worth of notice to not be stuck in this horrible situation. This includes all your mail and newspaper subscriptions too! You don’t want the people moving into your old home getting your copy of the paper before you. 
  2. Another one for before the move (and to also make the move a little quicker) Stop buying groceries about a week out before your move. We think that we accumulate so many lifelong products that could be used so that you may start a new pantry in the new abode. So try using all those four bean mixes and the cans of tuna that have been in there for a couple of months and add them to your lunches/dinners where possible. This will also mean that there is less to pack/carry/unpack/store in the entire move. WIN-WIN!
  3. Changing the locks on exterior doors, sometimes depending on the neighborhood you’re moving into, you may want to consider changing up your keys and adding some beefier security to your doors. We find that many new tenets and homeowners like to do this and also pair it with some security Wifi operated cameras. These give you the peace of mind that you have the best measures in place to help protect your family and also that if anything is ever stolen from your home that you can have proof. (Reminder to also insure you home and belongings).
  4. Organising your wardrobe to be in order from the start. Many older houses suffer from closets that have a simple pole and shelf (if that). Look at where you’ll store what and get the closets outfitted to accommodate everything, to make moving in less stressful and your life in the new house more enjoyable – and don’t just look at the closets. Think about where you’ll put everything, from winter boots to laundry detergent. A well-placed extra shelf, coat hook, etc. will go a long way toward making the house that much easier to live in.
  5. Moving into a much bigger home – visit some second-hand stores and garage sales, you can find some great pickups at these brilliant sales that could both save you some cash and also give your home an old touch that may be complimenting to the home. Sometimes these can go for as little as $20 for a full couch, so we highly recommend this as an option for filling some space in your new home. 

These are some of the items that we believe to the most useful and our first go-to tips when someone asks for advice for the new home. If you have any further questions, we would be thrilled to hear from you! Give us a call on +61 439 989 480 or send us an email at [email protected]

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