Moving home is a chance to turn a new leaf and find a new place to call you a nest. Whether you’re a crazy family of 10 or a lone wolf, there are different stresses in each person pathway that may create some anxiety around moving Time, especially when we have a global pandemic happening! We understand the frustration of not knowing when the next time you could get back to your old routine could be and also acknowledge that somethings cannot be put on hold, such as moving home. You may have reached the end of your lease, or found the perfect home you’ve been looking for and can’t wait for a second longer! So to help make this time a little clearer to understand, Master Movers have put together this blog to help you get the most from these unprecedented times. 

Step 1: Contact the best furniture Removalist’s on the peninsula: Master Movers

You’ve been told you have to find somewhere new to live, or you’ve decided to move on your own accord, great! This is an opportunity to really bring together all that brainpower that you had pre-COVID and get back into your old self. Look at this move as an exciting time, lose a few days in the antics of organizing and preparing your new life. First things first, you have to get in contact with the professionals. Big or small, you’re going to need a truck to move your belongings from A to B, and here at Master Movers, we could be at your side more. With competitive rates and fully insured, we’re the last thing to worry about on your big moving day, however, give us some time before the move so that we may plan ahead for you. We’re also adapting to the changes happening and appreciate your forward thinking in these times. If it is an emergency and you need to get out of a living situation, we urge to call emergency services before anything else. 

Step 2: Check State/Territory Guidance and Restrictions 

You’re moving interstate? No problem! As the days go by, we’re being updated more and more about our state borders and what their movements are, at the time of writing the borders are open to freight services and essential workers, however, this can change within hours so we recommend brushing up on your COVID-19 updates. We’ve found ABC to be our go-to news source for all updates. 

Step 3: Arrange your amenity changes 

This is one that can be knocked out of that park as soon as you hear that your request to move has been accepted! A quick phone call to your Gas, Electricity, internet and Water company in advance means that there will be no fussing about with getting settled in on move day, and also means you won’t be overcharge for late cancellation fees if the companies know exactly when you’re moving out of your old place and into the new! 

Step 4: Pre-packing and organizing

Organizing things before the move can be one that can take the longest, after all you’ve got years worth of memories and items that need to be packaged for the big day. Asking others that are in your immediate family in this time is the only way to get around the current self-isolating restrictions, however, if you are unsure if you want to ask or have no-one to ask, Master Movers also offer services for prefacing your goods into move ready boxes. It comes with being affordable Removalist’s on the peninsula that we would offer these services too! With over 30 years experience in removals and prefacing services, we know a thing or two about bubble wrap and making sure that your valuables feel as safe as can be! 

Step 5: Day and night packs

Think mini holiday. Think going to stay in the city for a night! This is a fun one because you get to pack like you’re having a staycation, even if it is just for a night or two because you don’t want to unpack your belongings straight away, having a pack inclusive of all the necessary bits and bobs for one night means that you can tackle the bulk of the unpacking the day after the move, just make sure to set up your bed first! 

Step 6: Move Day

Today is the big day, and lucky for you Master Movers make this day the simplest, we ask you to hand over the keys to the old place and to meet us at the new place, so take your day pack, go out and grab a Takeaway coffee from a local cafe and chill out for a few hours, somewhere where you can relax and know that in a few short hours you will be moving into your new abode. 

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