Moving home is a long and (hopefully) long term solution, we have included some of our top tips for you to take a read through before moving into your new home!

There is a tonne of stuff involved, so please allow for around 2 months in advance before actually starting your move, this allows for your Master movers to have adequate time to lock you in and agree on a price that fits your budget.


Organising can be the most dreaded part of the move, so make it the first thing you do! Here we recommend organising the transition for the following items to be moved to your new place on the day of the move.
* Bills (Gas/Electricity/Internet etc.)
* Mail to be redirected
* Updating your family to let them know where to send mail/where to visit you
*Requesting your personal ID documents to be updated (i.e Drivers License)


Book in advance to avoid moving setbacks. These services can be very in-demand and require you to book well in advance. Getting this sorted as soon as possible too is a great way to take a headache out of the move, thankfully, our removalists are very flexible, and with enough notice can accommodate for almost any date and time, all you have to do is submit a request for moving and the rest is easy, one of our friendly staff will call you to take a look at the job.

When booking your removalists, it is always wise to be honest on your application, and allow for more time than you think would be necessary, at the end of the day you may find that the total cost could come in even less than you were expecting.

Settlements can be delayed at the last minute so find out if there is a rebooking fee and how much notice you need to provide.


Box up as much as possible as soon as possible!

Items such as large blankets, kitchen appliances, spare room furniture/decor, books, etc. can be tucked away early to make the move streamlined for you and your home. Start packing a couple of weeks before the move so that it is a less daunting task when the day comes.

Label your boxes too, so on the other side, it is really simple to delegate the boxes to the correct rooms when unpacking.


Hoarding items that “might” be used one day is something that your Nanna does. You’re never going to need these obscure plates or the dusty old jacket that might make a comeback. That thing belongs in the bin and not your lovely new home.

Throw it out, or better donate it to a good cause, St Vincent De Pauls have free charity bins that will accept all kinds of items, and will save you a trip to the tip! and it is completely free to donate (as long as it is in a good condition, remember, these items are going to those who might not have access to new good, so please be respectful).

Your pantry too shouldn’t all be coming with you, take a week where you don’t buy groceries and try and get rid of the things there, you’d be surprised how much food you actually have and this can be a great way to spend extra cash on your move!


This is like you’re going on a mini holiday! Just imagine how tired you will be after moving all the things into their respective room (thanks to you labeling the boxes you know exactly what goes where, nice work!), now comes the time where you have to unpack them all. Consider taking that night off, as long as you have somewhere to rest your head for the night, you’ll do much better in the morning; que the first night bag!

A toothbrush
A Towel
Socks and Jox
Fresh tee shirt and pants
You know the drill.

You’re more likely to do a good job after a good nights rest, and it is likely that the move will take most of the day. So enjoy the essential take out dinner from your favorite Chinese or Pizza place and head to bed.

During the Move

On the day of the move, there are some important things to consider in order for the move to occur problem-free.


Moving house can actually be a great form of therapy, and you’ll often find that your family and friends will have no problem lending a hand for a few hours or so, and its also a great time to catch up with people that you wouldn’t necessarily see! (present it to them this way and they will help, asking them to be a removalist isn’t going to sell…)


It is important not to rush the move-in process, because that is how accidents occur. Protect your body and avoid injuries by following these handling and lifting techniques.


They want to meet you-you want to meet them, so just say hi? It really doesn’t take much time and you might make a few friends out of it too! Either that or a cup of sugar.


Take it easy, tiger. That grand piano is going to be too heavy, not to mention expensive should you break something, same goes for the rest of your house, home insurers are not fun to deal with and you could save a lot of headache by employing a professional.


Finally, the move is over! Now the dust has settled, have a celebratory drink or feed and enjoy your new abode! After all, you earned it, literally.

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