Moving home is never an easy or quick job, and shouldn’t be treated as such! There’s a lot of things to get in check before even beginning! We hope this article makes the move just a little bit easier for you.

· Know your destination.

Have an idea of where you’re actually heading. Part of being the best Removalist’s on the peninsula means that we need to know how to be efficient. Understanding a route that is both accessible for you and your mode of transport is crucial. With many interstate moves, you may be hit with unexpected tolls, off-road streets, or high animal crossing areas! If any of these could happen, just assume they will! Having an idea of the best route to take before departing is ideal, this allows for the drive there to be as smooth as possible. 

· Set your timeline.

Once the move is booked, you need to know when you can actually call your new home, yours! Understanding your move date will help you map out your schedule and give you enough time to plan everything out and make sure you have your Removalist’s Mornington booked in. This way you can also make sure that all the connections to your new home will be set up (Gas, Water, Electricity, etc.) to make you feel right at home in your new house. After all, no one likes eating in the dark. 

For bigger moves, we recommend booking well in advance to ensure appropriate availability for the move, around 8-10 weeks in advance would be ideal! 

· Determine your budget and develop your strategy.

Understanding how much you can put aside for the move too is important. We recommend building up to the move and putting aside as much as you’re comfortable with, however, if you’re unsure for how much a move costs, feel free to get in contact with us and we can let you know on +61 439 989 480

· Book a reputable Mornington Removalist

Ensuring you have the right team for the right job is crucial for any job, especially when they are handling your most prized possessions! We’re backed with Allianz Insurance, for anything that could possibly go wrong with the move, we have you covered. Also, being a third-generation Removalists on the peninsula, we know exactly the kind of care to give when assisting you in your new abode. 

Other Things You Will Need to Do Before the Move

Some other things worth noting before your move. 

1. Go through everything you own.

2. Dispose of your trash responsibly.

3. Possibly sell some of it? 

4. Or, donate to the less fortunate. 

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