Moving home can be one of the biggest decisions you have to make in the next couple of years, especially if it is interstate! So, it is worth doing your research and doing it right the first time. For many, this may mean that you have to acquire some additional help than what your family and friends can provide for you. We have culminated in a list of the top tips for moving to a new city and how to make the move as seamless as possible.

Try to move on a weekday.

As most people do, taking a break and having dispensible time is something that usually comes on a weekend, however, if it is possible, we recommend doing your move on a weekday. This may mean taking a day or two off work but it is well worth it. For a start, you may find the roads to be significantly quieter since most people would be out at their jobs. You can also predict when the traffic might become an issue, for example, during school times, rush hour, etc. This can be a handy piece of info to have at your disposal.

Booking in with a removalist.

Okay…We are a little bias, however, this comes from being a trusted removalist company on the peninsula; We would always recommend getting some professional help with your move to save you from any associated troubles. We typically find most people could use the help, any job whether it’s big or small can assist in getting a removalist company on the peninsula to lend a hand. After operating for over 30 years, we know a thing or two about delivering your goods, whether it is just around the corner or interstate. We are also backed by Allianz Insurance, and promise to lend a gentle touch when delivering your items to your new abode.

We’re also available during the week and should you book in advance, available at almost any time of the day.

But we only have a few things.

Do you not have much to move? If not, perhaps you can get help from family and friends.
If you aren’t moving any furniture and you only need to move a dozen boxes, then it’s possible to have your boxes moved with a few cars, or using a van. We sell boxes too, dividing your belongings into boxes for your move may be a quick and easy way to get your belongings for your move. We sell only the highest quality boxes for your move and can deliver them right to your door. (Plus we will buy the boxes back from you after your move should you have no use for them!)

Moving only for a short term?

Consider putting some of your things into storage, this can be a great way to keep your belongings and also pay less than it would cost to transport them to the new place, if you’re only moving for a short period, this can be a great way to save some cash and keep it in a place that you’re sure that it is safe and not annoying your friends of the family.

Book in advance.

This is a no brainer, there is nothing worst than leaving things to the last minute and not being able to get things organized at the last minute. Allow for plenty of time in your timeline to allow for all aspects of the move. As the best removalists on the peninsula, we recommend allowing 6 weeks notice before moving into your new place, this gives you plenty of time to gather assets for the move and gives you an end date for the move to help with the positive stress associated with moving.

Ensure that your bills have been transferred.

While considering booking in a removalist on the peninsula – consider also sending a notice to your electrical, gas and internet provider. If you have a settlement date that is set, you can let them know well in advance about your move and they can organize for your bills to be switched over on the day! This can be something organized well before the move and can really reduce a lot of stress associate with the move.

Moving home is a hard task to pull off and hopefully it is not something that is happening too regularly. However is it is something you’re currently looking into, consider your options and make sure you’re making the right choice with your move. IF you have any inquiries about your next move, or how we can help you on the big day, give us a call on 0439 989 480 or fill out a quote estimate form here.

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