Now that we have found you your new home, you’re probably very excited to get into the details of what to move on the peninsula and what to get rid of, we recommend starting with the pantry and food storage areas. Once you start this process you might find that you actually are saving a bit of money when you are utilizing all the life long food you have accumulated! Not to mention, doing this will also save you some time and effort when moving day comes, here are our tips for taking the stress out of your big move! 

Organise What You Have

Before you start thinking about what you want to take and where it’s going to go in your new beautifully empty pantry, think about making some meals by grouping ingredients together, ingredients like Beans, chickpeas, and lentils can all be grouped to make something like homemade chili, or a bean salad. Find heaps of recipes here on this link we found of Longlife meals. 

Organising these before you’re even thinking about making them takes a lot of stress out of the entire move itself and will also leave you more time to think about the big day. 

Eat as Much as Frozen Food as Possible

You should try and get rid of those emergency frozen meals that you thought you would eat, but don’t sacrifice your tastebuds for just mediocre meals, try adding some of the rest of the food in your pantry to this meal and spice it up a bit. A frozen wellness bowl can be spruced up with some added chickpeas! 

Pack What’s Left

This is the part where we might want to consider getting rid of somethings that will outstand the test of time but maybe it doesn’t have a place in your future pantry. The bottles of soy sauce, the oils, and jars of jam that aren’t used anymore, maybe consider tossing them out! While you may think about the money wasted on these, much like any other items you get rid of in your move, just think of how great a fresh pantry will make you feel, and possibly inspire you to cook more good foods! Your refrigerated food can be packed into a cool box if you’re not traveling too far. This will ensure that your perishable items stay fresh and can be used when you arrive at your new home. Foods stored in glass jars and glass should be packed into small, labeled boxes with bubble wrap or packing paper to ensure that it is kept safe and there is minimal spillage. Master Movers, as removalists on the peninsula, can supply you with Cardboard boxes and tape if need be too, be sure to get in contact with one of our helpful staff to find out more.


With these tips in mind, and with these practices put forward, we can guarantee that your move on the peninsula will be just a little stressful for your upcoming moving day we are confident that you will find these helpful, however, if there is anything else moving-related that you have questions have, feel free to ask away on 0439 989 480 or fill our quote request form here. 

Happy Moving!

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