Its only natural to want a great deal on anything, we are programmed by the media to love a bargain and to save wherever possible, and here at Master Movers, we keep this in mind, and you have to if you want to be the best Removalist’s on the peninsula

However, we think there are areas that some people are dropping the ball before the big move day where there can be further savings to make your move as seamless and cheap as possible, so we decided to add it to a nice list for you. (Save this for your big day, or share with a friend). 

1. Toss, Donate or Sell Items You No Longer Want

There’s something great about a cleanup, even if it isn’t spring! Going through some of your stored belongings can be a great way to reminisce on old times and even find a couple of pieces that may have been lost over time. We think this is especially important to be doing before you move home, as this can be a great way to pass on some items that you don’t think have a place in your life. Donating these to loved ones or to charities can be a great way to give your old belongings a new home, and save you costs on paying tip fees, not to mention, the fewer belongings you have, the cheaper Removalist’s Mornington will cost! 

2. Use up all the food in your house and with the rest, Donate To A Local Food Bank

Bring out the inner Curtis Stone in you and make some seriously budget dinners. Tinned foods such as chickpeas, lentils, and tuna can be additions or even the basis for some great meals! Using up the supplies that you added to the pantry over the past few months can be a get way to use up all the food in your house and also get inventive with some new dishes. If you still have leftovers that you’d rather not bring to the new house, think about donating the food (So long as it is still eatable) to food banks. Many of the convenient locations for donating can actually be found outside the supermarkets that you frequent and will donate to reputable and local charities. 

3. Know Where To Get Packing Supplies

A common mistake we see all too often is people overpaying for basic packing needs, such as bubble wrap, packing boxes, and tape! This is an easy way to spend money that isn’t needed. At Master Movers, we understand how frustrating this can be and we decided to sell items like this to you, the new home buyer! We sell these at a super reasonable price just to make the move easier for you. We know exactly how many boxes and bubble wrap rolls you need and will only sell you what is necessary, we will even buy back the boxes after your move *boxes need to be in good condition*. So forget about buying items are high ticket prices.

4. Use Linens, Sheets, & Towels To Pack Items 

Super simple, super quick. Got a lot of sheets and towels? They can act as a great divider in boxes as a substitute for bubble wrap! And you’re going to be moving these items too so essentially you’re killing two birds with one stone! 

5. Move During The Week

Moving at a quieter time can actually mean you can save money on your move. The sacrifice may mean taking a day off work but with the money that you save, it might actually work out even cheaper for you in the long run!

6. Don’t Hire Cheap Movers

Last but not least, hiring inexperienced or cheap movers. You can go to all the trouble of saving a few dollars here and there, cleaning out your pantry and being very conscious of each dollar spent, but at the end of the day, if you hire Removalist’s that are inexperienced and without insurance, then there’s a high chance that some of your valuables may get damaged in the move. As experienced removalist’s on the peninsula, and with over 30 years experience in Home Removals on the peninsula, We are trusted and have completed thousands of move and know exactly how to properly treat your belongings, And to top it off, we’re also backed by Allianz insurance, meaning that should something ever go wrong, you have the peace of mind that your belongings are in safe hands. 

For your free quote on your next move give us a call on +61 439 989 480, or enter a quote request via our online form

Happy moving! 

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